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  • Sunday, May 27, 2012

    “Persistence…Persistence. You can NOT give up under any circumstances. You have to prove yourself; Not only to the world, but to yourself as well. That’s the main advice I would give to everyone. You have to keep going no matter what and if you can’t find your lane… then create one.”- Joseph Bowman

    Joseph LeCount Bowman aka Ale-Jhay, is a very talented rap artist born and raised from Inglewood, CA. Bowman currently still lives in California marking his place of residence in the highly popular sub-urban city of Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

    Bowman has always been a music fanatic ever since he was young boy running the streets of Inglewood. Anything he went through in his life, Bowman knew he could depend on those little dancing music notes in his ears to put him in just the right mood.  As he grew older, graduated from high school, and entered college; Bowman made making beats and writing song’s a small favorite hobby. Many of his close friends took notice of his talent and it soon spread around the campus about his beat’s and writing skills. But it wasn’t until he dropped out of college that he began to take his music making more seriously.

    Curren$y ( Spitta) ,  who is a popular American rapper from New Orleans, LA, is Bowman’s biggest musical inspiration. Curren$y’s hustle, self dedication, and his rise into the music game has attracted Bowman to take a few notes on Curren$y’s journey. This has helped him fulfill his own dreams in music and excell thus far. Bowman has now been officially doing his music for three years.
    Bowman has a very fresh style to his music! It's very old school, but it has a nice urban feel that can still  connect with today's generation of music. A few track's of his that I really like are "Believe This Thing", "So Basically", and "Music's What I Got". He has also brought out an album titled "Bring The Noise", which is another hit listen!

    Bowman is slowly working his way up with landing many shows and features around California. He also hopes that through his strong dedication to his music he will continue to grow as an artist and get more shows, features, radio play and tons of exposure. I believe he's going to do just that and more... real soon! Check him out first here on Urban Streetz.

    Refer to the websites below for more music, news, and information on Bowman.

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     Direct phone contact: 951-216-1477
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